Website Vintage Bass World Officially Launched

After a successful field trial, the official launch of the website Vintage Bass World took place in January. The site is the most comprehensive data collection of vintage bass guitars worldwide. An extensive database dubbed “DATABASS” provides technical details and images about vintage basses, sorted by manufacturer, model and year of production.

The website helps distinguish a rare collector’s piece from a less valuable bass guitar. Different years of manufacturing often manifest merely in small details, but have a major impact on value. Buyers and sellers seek solid expert knowledge prior to any purchase and Vintage Bass World provides that information.

The content is provided by Rob De Luca, UFO bassist and expert on vintage bass guitars. He has collected information and pictures over many years and shares his knowledge on Vintage Bass World. Descriptions of over 300 basses and approximately 10 000 detail images are available on the website.

My tasks were database development as well as front- and back-end design. Obviously a site of this dimension required an individual database solution. Despite its size, Vintage Bass World is among the fastest websites about musical instruments. The responsive design makes it easily accessible on mobile phones. Positive feedback from bassists around the globe show that it was worth all the hard work!

Vintage Bass World Website